Account & Profile

Editing your user profile

  • How do I change my profile picture?This one’s simple 🙂 You can tap on your profile photo slot directly from your user profile page. You can then add any image that is on your phone camera roll!
  • How can I edit my bio?On your user profile page, tap directly on the empty space just below your profile photo. People have asked about entering line breaks and formatting, which isn’t possible in the app right now, but the workaround is to draft in your iPhone notes app, and paste it in!
  • How do I connect or disconnect my Twitter or Instagram?To connect to your Twitter or IG, tap on the button “Add Twitter” or “Add Instagram” and check that the correct account comes up, and then authorize the connection. To disconnect your account, tap on the gear icon on your user profile, and select “Disconnect Twitter” or “Disconnect Instagram.”
  • Can I remove the nominated by badge on my profile?As a policy we generally do not remove the nominated by badge, as it’s been a positive aspect in the community til date. There are very rare situations in which we may consider doing this.

    Please note, if you choose to delete your account instead, you will need to be invited again by a current Clubhouse user to join again. You unfortunately won’t be able to reclaim your current username for at least 30 days after the date of deletion, and we can’t guarantee that it will not already be taken by a new user

Managing your account

  • How can I adjust my notification settings?From your user profile, tap the gear icon at the top right (settings), then select the frequency you want for notifications. You can also toggle on / off trending room notifications, or choose to pause notifications completely.

    If you feel like you’re getting too many notifications, we’d recommend choosing “very infrequently” for frequency so you’ll still get notified about co-follows, when you get pinged into a room, and when your invitees join.

  • Can I disallow contacts access?To disallow access to your phone contacts, you can go to your iPhone settings (not the app settings), tap “privacy,” then “contacts,” and toggle off access for Clubhouse.
  • How do I authenticate my account with email?To add an e-mail to your account, tap the “@” symbol on the top right corner of your user profile, and follow the steps to authenticate the e-mail. If this symbol is not present, this likely means your e-mail has already been authenticated.

    This e-mail will not be publicly visible, but we may use it to confirm ownership of your account when account-related requests are submitted, so it should be an account that you actively check.

  • Why can’t I follow more people?It’s likely that you are running into the standard rate limits we’re refining to limit the no. of requests / notifications that other users will receive. For context, we have gotten lots of complaints about users receiving too many invites / notifications and hence are working to find the right balance here. This is temporary however, so you should be able to resume follows / invites and not run into this issue if you aren’t doing this in bulk within a short period.
  • How can I deactivate my account?To deactivate your account:
    1. Navigate to the settings page of your profile by tapping on the gear icon in the top right corner.
    2. Next, tap “Account,” then “Deactivate Account.”
    3. You will be asked to confirm your account deactivation. Once you confirm, your deactivation is complete!

    When an account is deactivated, it is completely hidden on the app. You will have 30 days to log back into your account and reactivate. If you choose to do so, your account will return to normal and become visible to others on the app.

    Once this 30 day period has ended, your account will be permanently disabled and unrecoverable.

  • If I deactivate my account, can I join again?Yes! If you have deactivated your account and would like to rejoin, simply sign back in and your account will be just as you left it 🙂

Requesting a name change

  • Can I change my username?We get a lot of requests from people who would like to change their username so we built the ability to do that in the app! To do this, just go to your profile and tap your existing username. Please note you can only do this once, as we want to make sure that people on Clubhouse always know who they are talking with, so choose wisely 🙂

    One way to get a rough sense of if a username is taken is to search the “find the people to follow” screen (icon at the top left of the home screen). Some usernames may already be reserved by waitlisted users and thus will not be shown here.

  • Can I switch my username with one I reserved before?Unfortunately, we do not routinely make this change as it is a complicated process to verify that you own the account for another username than the account you are currently using.
  • Can I change my display name?Clubhouse is a real name service, but occasionally people enter their names incorrectly on sign up. To help with this, we’ve added the ability to make a one-time correction to your Full Name in the app. We will still enforce our real name policy but understand there may be errors, shortened names (e.g. Matt vs. Matthew), etc. that could be important to you!

    If you are an artist who is publicly known by your creator name, you can now add your Creator Name in the app so that people in rooms with you know what to call you.

    To make a one-time correction to your Full Name (or if you’re a public figure, to make a one-time addition of your Creator Name), just tap your name on your user profile and select the appropriate option. A big thank you to everyone who’s patiently waited for this feature 😇

Viewing other user profiles

  • How can I unfollow a user?Navigate to the user’s profile and tap on the button that says “Following” to unselect it. They won’t be notified, and you won’t receive any further notifications about their activity.
  • There’s an issue with the Twitter profile links.We’ve seen many local device issues related to this but haven’t found a central issue on our end. e.g. using the Mozilla or other browser as default has been one culprit, another issue has been related to interference from other apps that are installed on your phone.

    Most people have been able to restart the app and their phone to resolve this, but we’ll continue investigating for a specific source of error.

  • What does the “!” symbol mean?When you see this symbol, it means multiple people in your network have blocked this person.

    People use blocking for many different reasons on Clubhouse—so it might just mean this person has strong opinions, opposing views to the people you follow, or a personal history with someone you know.

    Shared block lists are personalized to you based on who you follow.


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