When you tap to join an existing conversation, you enter in the audience on mute. This means you are a listener!

As a listener on Clubhouse, you should relax and enjoy the conversation. In other words:

  • Don’t feel pressure to speak: Feel free to remain a listener even if you’re invited to speak; there is no obligation to accept.
  • Raise your hand to chime in: If you want to join the conversation, just raise your hand by tapping the button in the lower right to let the moderator know that you’d like to be added as a speaker. If they don’t accept right away, don’t be offended. They may get lots of requests and can’t always get to all of them.
  • Discover new people: While you’re listening, tap around and learn more about the people in the room. It’s a good way to find new people to follow. 🙂
  • Feel free to browse other rooms: While present in a room, feel free to explore the list of other active rooms to see what strikes you as interesting.
  • Enjoy multitasking. Don’t worry about splitting your attention between Clubhouse and work, hobbies, chores, or an evening walk. People are often doing other things while they Clubhouse!
  • Pull your friends aside to chat: See a friend in the audience you want to catch up with? Tap on their profile and ask them to start a new room together.
  • Come and go at will: On Clubhouse, 👻 ghosting isn’t a bad thing! You can drop in and out of rooms as you please without worrying about offending anyone. You won’t set off any alerts when you go.
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