When you start a room in Clubhouse, you are the moderator. This means you are a speaker with the special power to add or remove other speakers. As a moderator, you guide the conversation and have a strong influence on the content and style of conversation in the room.

  • Thoughtfully curate the speaker group: Great moderators are thoughtful about who they invite to speak, and try to include diverse people, personalities, and perspectives. A moderator can decide to run a “party room” with a lot of speakers, or a fireside chat with just a couple. All types of rooms can work, and it’s up to each moderator to develop their own style.
  • Actively manage the conversation: Some speakers are comfortable talking at length, while others are more reserved. Moderators can be a positive, balancing force, asking the quieter speakers to share their perspectives and posing questions to the group.
  • Consider the audience experience: Listeners enjoy joining the stage to ask questions, participate in the discussion, or even offer feedback in real-time. Take their questions when appropriate, or feel free to focus on the current speakers—it’s totally up to you. When you do take questions, it’s okay to return a listener to the audience after the question is answered.

Content Moderation

If someone has not violated any of the Rules, but you would still prefer not to interact with them, here are some tools you can utilize.

Room moderators decide who is in a room and can speak:

  • Accept or reject speakers: If you are a room moderator you decide who can speak. If you’d like to invite someone from the audience to speak, just tap on the profile photo of that user and select “Invite to Speak.” If someone else requests to speak, you have the option to decline.
  • Mute or remove speakers: Rooms moderators can also temporarily mute a speaker or move them back to the audience. To mute the speaker, tap on their profile photo to open the half-sheet, and then tap the mute button to the right of their profile photo. To move them down to the audience, tap on their profile photo to open the half-sheet, then tap “‘Move to Audience.”
  • Remove from room: If someone is being disruptive or distressing to people in the room, moderators can remove them, and they will no longer see or be able to re-enter the room. To remove them from room, tap on their profile half-sheet, tap the ellipses and remove.
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